Top 10 APPS for university students  

December 01, 2018 by admin

If you are starting university for the first time and are excited to see what the experience will be or you are worried about the new challenge. Don’t worry. We will be writing and sharing ideas and tips on how to enjoy your university experience and help you through the whole process.

Allowing you to connect with friends, family and new friends during university is the first step in helping you achieve that journey!

Social media apps

This is the first step in keeping in touch with family members, maintaining existing and finding new friends before and during your stay at the university.

You’ll also be able to join your accommodation and university pages as well to keep up to date with everything that is happening across campus! Make sure you join the Freshers Facebook page:

Also keep an eye out for student accommodation:


To stay up to date with news in your new student accommodation town or city, download Flipboard. It will allow you to access all the relevant news at your fingertips, as well as letting you design your homepage complete with everything that is relevant to you, essentially becoming your editor!

Free, Android and iOS



Maybe you don’t want to see any local sights in the place you’ve just landed in, and instead, you want to make a few new friends. If that’s the case, Meetup can help. After all, you can always ask your new buddies about the most exciting spots in town after you’ve been introduced.

Free, Android and iOS


You’ve probably heard of Instagram before, but have you ever used it as a travel aid? Tap on the search icon from the front screen, open up the Places tab, and you can browse through all of the famous and recent photos people are posting to a specific location.

Free, Android and iOS


For when fresher’s week is done and dusted and you’re heading into the months of revision, there are plenty of apps available to make the whole process better.


Allows you to make your which you can then use to test yourself – without pestering a friend or family member!

Free, Android and iOS

Video Call Apps


If you’ve just moved away from home, then you’ll probably be going to be missing your family. Luckily, there are plenty of apps out there allowing you to chat with friends and family with excellent quality sound and picture.

Free, Android and iOS

Student Safety

Living in a new city on your own, especially if you have come from a small town or country village, can be a very daunting experience. Don’t worry! There are apps to help with the whole experience with some campus apps being developed to keep students safe every day at university.

The Circle of Six app is compatible with iPhone and Android users and is designed to help students find each other when lost, mainly on nights out!

Free, Android and iOS

Fitness Apps

Although fresher’s week is a time to treat yourself, further on into your experience you may want to start focusing on staying healthy- fitness apps can be a great help with this. For people who usually find exercise such as running rather dull, there is a fun little app called ‘Zombies, Run!’ available on both iPhone and Android.

The Nike Run and RunKeeper apps track your distance and speed with GPS tracking while apps such as 7-minute workout offer fun, quick workouts tailored to you that can be completed anywhere!

Free, Android and iOS

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